Color Tools

Automatchic 3 Automatchic 3

Handheld device catches color with total precision

Automatchic 3 is the Sikkens color measuring instrument that makes perfect color matching faster and easier than ever.

Perfect color measurement:
Automatchic 3 meets the needs of professional painters.  Based on state of the art LED technology, it ensures perfect color accuracy over the lifetime of the instrument. Three positioning pins allow good positioning on curved surfaces and a rubber stray light barrier prevents interference from external light sources making sure you achieve the most accurate result.


Mixit Pro 2

mixit pro 2

Formula updates at the push of a button:
Mixit Pro is the formula retrieval software for perfect color matching. When connected to the Internet, Mixit Pro will synchronize to download the latest  available updates of formulas and software. Due to its step by step help function, searching and finding the
right color is very easy as well as reliable. The guided exploration will lead you to 100% consistent results every time.

Beyond formula retrieval:
Mixit Pro has everything you need for fast and efficient color management. Furthermore, Mixit Pro supports you with a range of process driven functions. This includes assigning multiple work orders to a single mix, pausing and resuming a mix and reporting of material costs per job. Easy inventory management completes the functionality of Mixit Pro.


Color Documentation

AkzoNobel offers a wide variety of color documentation tools to assist the painter in visually selecting the correct color to match the vehicle.color scala pro

ColorScala Pro is Akzo’s variant deck with  individually sprayed chips laid out  grouped by OEMs and are easily updated.


Other Color Documentation Tools :
ColorBuild Plus Fan Deck
Fire & Rescue Brochure
ColorScala Updates
Annual Chip Books
Courseness Index



color scala pro2